“Wallin”- Hero WOD July 19, 2023

In Honor of Fargo Police Officer Jake Ryan Wallin, 23, native of Saint Michael, MN, died on July 14, 2023 in the line of duty. Officer Wallin served in the Minnesota National Guard and was deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq. After his return to Fargo, he was sworn as a Fargo Police Officer in April of 2023.

Officer Wallin had just begun his CrossFit journey earlier this Spring. In his own words “I just finished up with a police academy where they did CrossFit type training and it was something I was not used to and tested me in new ways. I’m looking to hold steady with that type of training and look for an opportunity to hold myself accountable, meet new people and train towards some sort of goals.” Officer Wallin embodied a true sense of Service, Purpose, Determination and most of all a strong sense of Community.

On August 14th, gyms will be programming the Hero WOD “Wallin” to remember Officer Wallin. Members of the Police, First Responders, the CrossFit Community and everyone from the General Public are invited and encouraged to participate. Scaling options will be available for all abilities.



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