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Camaraderie with your fellow veterans

With scholarship funding provided by and with the support of our partners at The Brady Oberg Legacy Foundation, Got Your 6 Fitness brings together veterans and military members alike to consistently connect every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening, while also providing an Unlimited CrossFit Fargo membership. In this one hour class, the purpose goes far beyond the physical benefits of CrossFit’s functional fitness methodology. In this class, we understand just how vital and unique the camaraderie between military veterans is – one far beyond words to describe. To learn more about this program or the Brady Obergy Legacy Foundation Scholarships, reach out to Jake at [email protected]

Why it WORKS


You will have a network of people to connect with not only about your current progress and goals going forward in life, but who understand the shared experiences that come with being a United States Service Member.


Customized movement options are always provided to meet the needs and goals of each member in the group, regardless of your background or medical history.


By becoming a part of a group of like-minded individuals you consistently see and connect with, you'll experience accountability and support, whether inside or outside these walls.


Consistently show up and commit this time to yourself, and we promise you will continuously feel the improvements in your quality of life, allowing you to take part in and enjoy the things you care about.


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