2nd Annual Workouts
4 Warriors


Operation Overview

On September 9, 2023, CrossFit Fargo will host the 2nd Annual "Workouts 4 Warriors", a Memorial Event. The Event will honor US Servicemen/Servicewomen who paid the ultimate sacrifice and bring awareness to Veteran PTSD and Stopping Veteran Suicide. 100% of the proceeds will go to provide financial support to The Brady Oberg Legacy Foundation. Since 2005, CrossFit has posted workouts meant to honor the memories of service members who made the ultimate sacrifice and exemplary members of the CrossFit community who are no longer with us. CrossFit Fargo has shared the values of honoring these service members from the very beginning and proudly continue to support our Service Members through these events.

Concept of Operations

Starting at 0830 on Saturday, September 9th, athletes will perform a different United States Navy SEAL "Hero WOD" every hour, on the hour for 24 straight hours. There is NO Expectation that all athletes perform ALL WODs. This is an event to raise awareness and fundraising first, endurance event second. We are looking for athletes to participate in one or more workouts than you can safely perform in the 24 Hours. We are here for what the event MEANS more than the physical challenge of 24 separate Hero WODs.

Operations Order

Athletes are free to choose which Hero WODs they would like to participate in. A Coach will be on staff each hour to further assist you with any questions about modifications. Workout briefs, Hero Bios and any speakers will begin at the bottom of the hour and the workout shortly after. Athletes are expected to arrive 20 minutes before their chosen WOD to warm-up.

WOD Categories

Individual WODs: This option is for EVERYONE. The list of the 24 Hero Workouts and the hour that each workout will be conducted will be released via social media. Individuals will be able to sign up for just one (1) WOD or as many as they would like. An individual WOD can be completed with a partner and break up the workouts however you wish. Entry Fee for this is $ 10 per each WOD per person.
TEAM WODs: This option is for a TEAM of individuals who are interested in completing six (6), twelve (12), eighteen (18) or all the WOD's in the 24 hours. A Team would pick Hero WODs throughout the 24 hours period. The Teams will modify each workout accordingly and should have experience with endurance events that require you to stay properly hydrated and fueled.

Corporate Sponsors

CrossFit Fargo is accepting sponsorships for every workout for a flat rate donation of $ 200 per Workout. The Sponsor will have the opportunity to read the bio of the Hero before the workout begins, sign hung in the gym provided by the sponsor and recognition on Social Media. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to The Brady Oberg Legacy Foundation. Please contact Jeremy Donais if you are interested in sponsoring a Hero WOD. Contact: [email protected]

If you find yourself unable to donate, please do not let that keep you from stopping by and participating in this event! The true intention of this event is to come together to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice. In the worlds of The Brady Oberg Legacy Foundation. “We serve Veterans because they served Us.” Whether your support is through monetary donations, giving a little piece of yourself during the workout, or just showing up to the gym to show your support, We are all in this together.


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