Sarah Mattison: Fighting back against Anxiety with CrossFit

Athlete Inspiration – this week our athlete highlight is Sarah! Sarah is a regular attendee of our 6:15 class and an amazing example of hard work, resilience and strength, despite starting her CrossFit journey with crippling fear and anxiety. After three years of being asked, Sarah finally decided to give

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“Wallin”- Hero WOD July 19, 2023

In Honor of Fargo Police Officer Jake Ryan Wallin, 23, native of Saint Michael, MN, died on July 14, 2023 in the line of duty. Officer Wallin served in the Minnesota National Guard and was deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq. After his return to Fargo, he was sworn as a

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Adapting Is Not Scaling

Adapting is Not Scaling In the world of CrossFit, there are acronyms and sport-specific terms, meaningful only to our community, left and…

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Perfecting the Run

Just like any lift in a WOD; it takes a certain amount of skill and technique to perform, and learning how to run correctly is no…

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Sunday 1/27/2019 – Sunday HERO WOD “Johnson”

Sunday HERO WOD Major Alan R. Johnson, 44, of Yakima, Washington, died January 26, 2007, in Balad, Iraq, of wounds suffered when an improvised explosive device detonated near his Humvee at Muqdadiyah, Iraq, the same day. He was assigned to the 402nd Civil Affairs Battalion, Tonawanda, New York. Johnson first

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