Youth Empowerment Fitness

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Our Youth Program

Youth Empowerment Fitness at CrossFit Fargo strives to create and nurture a lifelong love of fitness, by empowering every child and teen through movement, camaraderie, and a growth mindset. Together, Youth Empowerment students become a community of leaders, conquering new feats and becoming the most physically prepared they’ve ever been – for whatever they choose to take on outside our walls.
CrossFit Fargo currently offers two classes, each grouped by grade-level and experience, and overall serving grades 1-10. Classes are one-hour, twice a week, year-round.
To learn more about which group might be best for your child or to get signed up, reach out to Coach Jasmine, Director of Youth Programs, at [email protected].
For Summer Strength & Conditioning Camps, stay tuned by following CrossFit Fargo on Facebook and Instagram.

Why it WORKS


Through these environments, kids get an opportunity to learn the value of camaraderie. Together, we work hard. We laugh. We sweat. We try new things. We fail. We get back up. We do it together.


Our Youth Program is consistently led by two of our full-time Coaches. Coach Jasmine and Coach Josh are trained, educated, and certified to lead group classes of varying abilities with degrees in Elementary/Special Education and Exercise Science. They know how to keep kids safe, while helping them reach their potentials and have fun.

Growth Mindsets

Here, we learn that progress takes time. We learn that very little, if anything, in this world of fitness comes easily. With the power of "yet" on the forefront of our minds, we learn to value mastering the foundations, challenging ourselves, and failing forward together.


Our goal is for every child to be able to take on whatever they choose when outside our walls, and to feel physically and mentally prepared to do so. By meeting every child where they're at with programming customized for them, students can feel their successes while having fun and celebrating every small win.


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Learn more about how joining our community can help you reach your health and fitness goals.

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Learn more about how joining our community can help you reach your health and fitness goals.