Meltdown Throwdown 2024

The 2024 Meltdown Throwdown will be held on
Saturday, May 4th onsite at CrossFit Fargo.

Competition Details

This is a MMM/FFF Teams of 3 Competition in Rx, Intermediate, and Scaled divisions. Registration opens Monday, February 12th at 10:00 AM for both athletes and volunteers. Shirt deadline for registration is April 14th. Events will begin being released on @crossfitfargo social media two weeks prior to competition date, and athlete and volunteer information will be emailed out Wednesday, May 1st. No refunds will be given for any reason; however, you may transfer your registration at any time. Email [email protected] if you need assistance.

Division Standards


Synchro Bar Muscle Ups / Toes-to-Bar (2 Athletes)
Box Jump Overs 30/24"
Double Unders/Crossovers (Speed Rope Only)
Working Clean and Jerk Weight: 155/115#
Working Snatch Weight: 135/95#
Working Deadlift Weight: 225/185#
Weighted Lunges: 70/50#
DB Snatch: 70/50#
Wall Facing HSPU
Pistols (2 Athletes)
Handstand Walks
Rope Climbs


Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups (2 Athletes) / Chin Over Bar Pull-Ups (All Athletes)
Kipping Handstand Push-Ups
Box Jump Overs 24/20"
Double Unders
Working Clean and Jerk Weight: 135/95#
Working Snatch Weight: 115/75#
Working Deadlift Weight: 185/135#
Weighted Lunges 70/50#
DB Snatch 35/25#
Pistols (1 Athlete)
Rope Climbs (2 Athletes)


Ring Rows / Chin Over Bar Holds
Kipping Knee Raises
Dual Dumbbell Shoulder to Overhead
Box Step Overs 24/20"
Single Unders / Single Skips
Working Clean and Jerk: 95/65#
Working Snatch Weight: 75/55#
Working Deadlift Weight: 155/105#
Weighted Lunges 50/35#
DB Snatch 25/20#
Modified Rope Climbs

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