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Fighting Back Against Parkinson's Together

By utilizing the Methodology of CrossFit, Functional fitness, Boxing and Parkinson’s specific exercises, Ready Steady Fitness is designed to give you the tools to keep up the fight against Parkinson’s. Together, we work as a Community to improve the quality of your life by increasing your ability to stay independent, access and take part in the things you care about, and create the happiness you deserve in your life. Classes are held Monday-Friday at 11:00 AM. To learn more for you or for your loved one, reach out to Jake Haile, Director of Fitness, at jake@crossfitfargo or at (701) 314-2273.

Why it WORKS

Functional Fitness Foundation

Functional Fitness is at the basis of what CrossFit is. Functional exercises are ones that supports your every day life, strengthening your body for daily activities such as walking, pushing, bending, squatting, and pulling.

Parkinson's Specific Exercises

Integrated into our general functional fitness practice, we also utilize exercises specific to supporting those with Parkinson's. These exercises focus on big movements, range of motion, balance, edurance, and posture.

Forced High Intensity

When fighting back against the progression of nuerological diseases such as Parkinson's, forced high intensity training is unmatched in the adaptations and benefits it creates. This means we find a high intensity relative to each individual, and train in that zone.

Community Supports

Here, you have a network of people to connect with and support you on a daily basis. Not only will you grow to look forward to seeing the same peers everyday to help keep you accountable, but you will also get to benefit from resources provided by our partners ath PAM Health Rehab and the Marv Bossart Foundation.


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