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Everyone has a story. Every human has a battle. Every CrossFit Community has a gym full of individuals who have lived vicarious experiences worth sharing.

These stories are worth sharing, because there will always be someone out there in need of a little hope, an example to relate with, proof it can be done. I know it’s what I needed, and looked for.

Well, this is mine.

While many of my oldest friends here know of the couple of conditions I’ve been diagnosed with or undergone hurdles with in my lifetime, as our affiliate’s Community grows and evolves with new and wonderful faces, I thought it might be worth sharing my story again. I do this more than anything in hopes that it reaches that person who is being dealt a card they feel overwhelmed with in their life right now, whether that be medical or any other life-altering stressor.

The best way I can do this is by sharing below the fantastic blog excerpt and Podcast I was invited onto two years ago, back in the Fall of 2020. I had the incredible opportunity to meet Dr. Julie Foucher, a leader in the CrossFit Health movement and veteran CrossFit Games athlete I had admired and followed for some time already, to discuss with her not the impact my Severe Scoliosis and Multiple Sclerosis has had one me…. but the immense impacts the CrossFit methodology and Community has had on me despite those hurdles in the road.

So here it is. You can check out Dr. Foucher’s summary through the link below, or follow to listen to the full podcast on Apple Podcasts (or anywhere you can stream podcasts).

Save, share, encourage others to share their own stories…and I hope this will reach whomever might need it.

Taking Control of Multiple Sclerosis with Jasmine Joy PH169 Pursuing Health

Jasmine Joy



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