The Actify Mission: A Life Well Lived

Like it or not, we all get old. We all will have to deal with the physiological and psychological changes associated with the aging process. However, to a very large extent, we have control over the degree to which those changes impact our quality of life, because we are only as old as we believe we are. We have a very simple choice when it comes to how

we age. We can choose between sedentary aging which involves a myriad of negative effects resulting from inactivity, and active aging which involves maintaining a high quality of life and functionality well into our elderly years.

One of my greatest fears is living a long life without the basic functionality to enjoy it. Spending 100 years on this planet and requiring the support of others to perform my basic daily tasks for the latter 40 of them, that scares me. And that scenario is a very real prospect for the majority of humans in the western world: a later life that is marred by ill health and spent largely in the nursing home. One of my greatest motivations as a trainer and coach is to not only extend the lives of my clients but also prevent the decline of functionality with age. The goal is a life well-lived.

Attitude plays a huge role in determining the degree to which we remain active as we age. In turn, our level of activity determines the degree to which we remain functional across our lifespan. Contrary to the belief that functional decline and illness are unavoidable and predictable aspects of aging, the emerging research on fit older athletes is clearly showing that they not only live longer than a non-athletic population, they also are healthier later in life and have a lower prevalence of disease (Garatachea et al., 2014). The research is catching up to what we have known in the CrossFit community for some time.

It is the effects of a sedentary lifestyle, not age, that cause functional decline and illness. The quality of life is significantly better for those who rema

in fit and active throughout the course of their lifespan (Wright, 2012). Becoming an athlete and remaining an athlete creates a “survival advantage” (Bauman et al., 2012). Note that I said becoming an athlete, not having been an athlete

. It’s never to late to become an athlete, all one has to do is take the first step and focus on learning what they can do.

This is why I’m super fired up about the mission of our Actify 40+ program here at CrossFit Fargo. To activate your strong and healthy life, for a life well lived.

Are you ready to make a change and work towards a stronger, healthier life? Do you want more stamina and energy? Schedule a Free No Sweat Intro to speak with a coach : CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE A NO SWEAT INTRO.


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