MoveWise Therapy Services are Expanding!

As many of our CrossFit Fargo Athletes know, we recently said “see you later” to our favorite Physical Therapist and beloved member, Dr. Ashley Riley.

One of the many incredible things about Dr. Riley is the way in which she wears her many hats, each with love and passion, and so when her family was presented with an opportunity for growth together in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, she couldn’t say no.

While we are so sad to not have her joining us everyday in the gym, we know we’ll see her again soon and we are elated for her family’s new adventure!

We are also very excited to share with you MoveWise Therapy’s now expanding services! These new services will provide current and prospective athletes the opportunity for continued remote coaching with Dr. Riley, and will tap into a variety of the most recent studies Dr. Riley has been dedicating her time to in the game of peak performance and recovery for all bodies!

If you have any questions regarding the below services and/or are ready to take the next move in investing in your best self, contact Dr. Riley at [email protected] today!

From Dr. Ashley Riley –

Due to this move, Move Wise PT is expanding ONLINE and TRAVEL services. I will still do some in-person treatment with athletes, but I am fully capable of doing remote/online physical therapy with athletes in Fargo/North Dakota. As well, here is a general outline of the things I am transitioning to ONLINE 🙂

Wearable Technology data analysis and recovery programming/coaching

  • weekly PDF analysis sent with recovery recommendations
  • Daily text support and data exchange via messaging portal
  • 1-2x/mo 15 min coach check-ins
  • All wearable devices are able to be supported

Virtual Recovery Coach

  • Virtual recovery coach + wearable data recovery coaching/programming
  • Best for the athlete training or training+working 7+ hours a day with limited recovery time.
  • Desires to improve body compensation, get rid of soreness and fatigue, and lower their stress level to have more consistency in performance and life.

Ultimate Virtual Experience

  • Monthly webinars on specialty topics related to recovery, sports performance, training principles, movement, mobility, injury prevention, nutrition, athlete health and wellness, mentality, etc
  • 1x per month 60 min virtual coaching session including goal reviews, goal planning, full movement assessment
  • Weekly video analysis based on goals
  • Updated recovery programming: mobility and accessory strength training on True Coach includes recommended body work, nutrition, sleep, etc
  • As needed: Specialty training for women’s pelvic floor

Camps/ Athlete Retreats COMING SOON

  • Off season camps focused on recovery and movement quality changes as well as breaking down common in season mistakes
  • Top sports nutritionist, coach, performance specialists for speed, plyo, and weight lifting, and mindset coaches
  • Teaching “The 3 I’s” method for creating lasting recovery and peak performance

In-Person Services

  • Movement assessment
  • Goal discussion and plan
  • Body work
  • Lifting/movement analysis
  • Willing to travel for pro level tournaments and competitions

Please let me know if you have any questions about the above!


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