How to Thrive – Not Just Survive – Through the Holidays

Words shape perceptions. Perceptions shape intentions. Intentions shape just about everything.

Around this time of year, I often think about the trope surviving the holidays. We hear and read about this often: How to survive holiday parties, family gatherings and a busy season filled with events and festivities.

And let’s be honest, these survival guides are usually aimed at what we should eat and drink over the holiday season—less, usually. Or more and then less, to make up for the “more” you ate during the holidays. It’s hard to keep track.

Leaving aside the peculiar notion of survival as nutritional deprivation, this strikes me as a pretty rough way to treat yourself. What are we surviving, really?

What if we flipped the script?

Thrive through the holidays.

Thrive by eating delicious food that makes you feel full and warm.

Thrive by doing awesome workouts powered by that great food.

Hell, thrive through a long winter’s nap after a delicious meal or night out.

The key is to take a deep breath and remind yourself that you are in control.

For example, if you’re hungry now, have a nutritious snack before heading to that holiday party or family dinner. That way you are less likely to eat more than you had originally planned.

Another way to thrive though the holidays is to stick to your routine as best you can. It’s okay if you miss a day at the gym or go to bed a little later here and there, but get right back to the routine you function best at as soon as you can! Sticking to a routine doesn’t mean perfection, it means you get right back in the saddle if you happen to fall off.

What if we let the things we love to do—being with friends and family, eating well, moving with abandon and resting at the right times—take us through this holiday season?

What if we thrived?

You can Thrive through the Holidays too! Schedule a free No Sweat Intro and consultation with one of our coaches today.

Jessica Grondahl


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